Company profile

Yukatel stands for a friendly corporate culture

Founder and CEO

Yusuf Karatas, managing director of Yukatel GmbH

Yukatel GmbH was founded in 1995 by today’s managing director Yusuf Karatas. The company focuses on mobile communications wholesale and also offers innovative hardware and software solutions in the field of GPS telematics and M2M / IoT with its own brands routecontrol, M2M Unity and NEXTwawi.

Comany headquarters

Yukatel team at the Offenbach am Main location

At the Offenbach am Main location, 65 multilingual employees work in a wide variety of areas and departments. The administration, vehicle fleet and warehouse with state-of-the-art logistics are located on the 5,000 square meter company property

Awards and distinctions


In 2018 Yukatel again won the internationally renowned Handelot Award in the “Best Partner in Europe”, “Best Dropshipper” and “Best Distributer” categories. In 2016 we were also named Best Distributor by GSM B2B.

Innovation driver in the field of GPS telematics & M2M / IoT

routecontrol, M2M Unity and NextWawi logo in one picture

Our core business has been mobile phones wholesale since 1995. Since the digital change can no longer be stopped, we are also developing innovative hardware and software solutions and promoting our own brands in areas such as GPS telematics and M2M / IoT.

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