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M2M Allnet becomes M2M Unity

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For many years, our customers have been using the M2M Allnet SIM data cards for the reliable data transmission of information from their worldwide networked fleets, machines and devices. Due to various customer requirements, M2M Allnet was further developed into an innovative and cloud-based IoT connectivity platform.

M2M Unity Allnet - SIM data cards and tariffs

M2M Unity Allnet SIM data cards are flexible, transparent and inexpensive. We have the right tariff for our customers for every requirement. Our M2M data cards guarantee you connectivity to all networks worldwide and can be linked to our multi-provider SIM management platform M2M Unity Portal.

M2M Unity Portal - connects, digitizes and visualizes

The M2M Unity Portal is basically your personal IoT command center, in which you can control all functions. The web application gives you an overview of all IoT and M2M activities and provides you with all the information you need.

M2M Unity Scan - inventory management with NFC tags

M2M Unity Scan guarantees you a fast and efficient exchange of data using NFC technology. By attaching NFC transponders in the form of tags to almost any physical object, countless objects can be registered and identified at any time.

SIM card management, NFC tag management and much more

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