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Yukatel Denizlispor presenting new club jersey for 2020/2021

Yukatel Denizlispor prezentuje nowe koszulki na sezon 2020/2021

Yukatel Denizlispor presenting new club jersey for 2020/2021

At the start of the new soccer season 2020/2021, our Turkish Bundesliga club partner Yukatel Denizlispor presents its new player outfits as well as the official sponsor assignments.

As the proud main sponsor and name giver, we are represented by several brands at once. The Yukatel logo is always clearly visible on the front of the jerseys. On the back we presented our new IoT connectivity cloud brand M2M Unity and on the left sleeve our live tracking and fleet management brand routecontrol and on the right side of the shorts Yukamo.

We wish our players a good start and much success for the new season.

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