New website and expansion of the e-commerce platform

Dear dealers and business partners,

we are continuing to drive forward digitization for our international core business, mobile communications wholesale. Since October, we have been presenting ourselves with a new website.

Login-Area, Chat-Tool and 14 languages


The new website now presents the company and its business areas in a clearer and more comprehensible way. Navigation has been simplified and access to the dealer online store has been placed in the header area in a clearly visible position.

14 languages

At the bottom right you will find a chat tool. Through this new chat feature, you can always reach a multilingual customer service representative during our business hours. Besides German and English, our site has been translated into 12 other languages.


Mit unserem neuen YukaLife Blog bleiben Sie immer auf den neuesten Stand. Hier erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Geschäftsbereiche und Unternehmen. Darüber hinaus erhalten Sie weitreichende Einblicke in unserer Firmenkultur z.B. Mitarbeiter, Events etc.

Yusuf Karatas, managing director of Yukatel GmbH

Yukatel-CEO Yusuf Karatas: "With the expansion of our digital channels, we want to move with the times and make it even easier for you as an international retailer to order online and get in touch with us. Our multilingual sales team will always be available for you in parallel and will be at your side as a personal advisor."

Soon completely redeveloped online store
for our international retailers


Our dealer store gets a completely revised and modern web design. The handling and usability has been improved and there are more possibilities to maintain your account. In your personal dashboard you always have everything in view, including your shopping cart, availabilities or number of your YukaPoints.


Our many years of experience in mobile communications wholesaling were incorporated into the development. The new dealer store has been optimized specifically for the needs of the telecommunications trade. The store is fully responsive, i.e. you can access it via all device types from desktop, tablet to smartphone.


Important information in the ordering process, such as delivery times, invoice status are visualized in color in the traffic light principle. From every page, you can also quickly reach your desired destination in the store. Extensive filter functions make it easier to find the right product and quantities.