ITC Malta / IFA Berlin - Trade fairs you should know about

Trade fairs in particular are a place for companies to network and present innovations in the mobile phone market. We would like to briefly point out two important ones in this sector, ITC Malta, for which Yukatel is the main sponsor, and IFA Berlin.

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ITC Malta: Networking behind the scenes

ITC Malta is not a trade fair for end users, but a business trade fair where a wide variety of companies and retailers operating or collaborating in the mobile market are represented. ITC has become the premier networking event for the mobile phone, IT and consumer electronics industry, bringing together renowned retailers, distributors, dealers, resellers and wholesalers from all over the world. In Malta, ITC turns business into an experience where existing business connections are strengthened and chance encounters are encouraged to develop into lasting relationships. Next year's fair will be held from 7 - 11 June 2023.

establish contacts

The fair promises to be not only an inviting place to visit, but especially a valuable place for networking and contacts. "Meet with qualified buyers and suppliers in a relaxed five-star environment for an unparalleled three-day networking event". This is a way to build an extensive network and grow business. The goals are to connect people and network under a special atmosphere.

The difference lies in the details

The ITC offers an atmosphere that is much more than a traditional trade event. The focus is on providing a relaxed environment for active, open-minded market decision-makers to connect on a personal level with current and potential customers. In this way, ITC has become the event where strong and active business networks are built. Exciting photos and insights the Messer offers here.

IFA Berlin: Premiere for new tech trends

IFA Berlin is one of the most important mobile phone trade fairs in the world, at which the latest innovations and trends on the mobile phone market are presented to the public every year. In September of this year, it will once again take place in the exhibition halls under the Berlin Radio Tower. It offers exhibitors the opportunity to present their products and developments in the fields of entertainment and consumer electronics to a broad public. 

IFA Berlin is also of global interest - the world's leading retail partners are strategic partners of IFA. This way you get access to the entire spectrum of the industry at a single location, giving you the opportunity to make international contacts in the capital as well.

IFA is growing continuously - the exhibition area is increasing to 149,500 m². The CityCube Berlin at the south entrance to the exhibition grounds provides a new hall for exhibitors and congress events with 12,000 m² on two levels.

More Q&A in the overview

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Where can I get a complete overview of all IFA exhibitors?

You can find all exhibitors of IFA on IFA Virtual. With the search functions you can search for exhibitor names, sectors and other parameters. You can get a complete overview in the IFA trade fair catalogue

When am I a trade visitor?

Trade visitors are persons who attend IFA for professional reasons and/or professional interest, belong to the CE or HA trade and work in a company in the consumer electronics or home appliances industry, e.g. write product development, sales and marketing for trade media or are employed in research institutions and management consultancies.

Where can I get tickets for the IFA?

You can secure your IFA ticket online in advance at ifaticket.de!

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    In the year 1924 in Berlin

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    163.900 m²


Trade fairs such as ITC Malta and IFA Berlin take place regularly and are a good opportunity not only to learn about the latest trends, but also to make contacts and build lasting relationships. Companies and their employees often use the occasion to get together every year and exchange information about developments and the latest technologies in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, a private word or two is not to be missed 🙂 Last but not least, the two fairs are the best opportunities to discover revolutionary, technical innovations alongside the who's who, to meet underdogs and unexpected products and to refresh or make contacts alongside the hippest trends and information. In short - the fairs are worth a visit!