YUKAtel GmbH makes its debut in Dreieich with the campaign "Strong together for our clubs" campain

YUKAtel GmbH makes its debut in Dreieich with the campaign

"Strong together for our clubs"

After more than 20 years at its Offenbach location, YUKAtel GmbH is expected to move into its new company headquarters on Offenbacher Straße in Dreieich at the turn of the year 2022/23. Work on the construction site is proceeding at full speed. And the impressive architecture of the building can already be seen from the shell.

With the "Strong together for our clubs" campaign, the company would now like to introduce itself to all residents of Dreieich. As part of this campaign, very special jerseys of the YUKAtel Kayserispor soccer team from the Turkish SüperLig are being distributed free of charge to Dreieich households.

These jerseys with the motif "Autism Awareness" are intended to draw attention to the topic of "Autism in children" and are accompanied by the suggestion to make a direct donation to the respective club account of one of the following Dreieich clubs under the reference YUKAtel.

Children and youth farm Dreieichhörnchen e.V.

IBAN: DE33 5005 0201 0000 2177 00

Animal shelter Dreieich e.V.

IBAN: DE56 5059 2200 0006 1000 15

Support association for the disabled e.V.

IBAN: DE30 5059 2200 0205 1090 78

Dreieicher Christmas Calendar e.V.

IBAN: DE77 5065 2124 0045 1146 00

Support for this campaign comes from Mayor Martin Burlon. "We are delighted that YUKAtel has decided to build its new headquarters in our beautiful Dreieich. The consideration of local associations within the framework of the corporate action is a generous gesture, because especially the associations, which contribute a lot to a functioning community, can use every support after the months of restrictions and losses due to the pandemic," said Mayor Martin Burlon, who would also like to convey his heartfelt thanks to those responsible at YUKAtel at this point. The participating associations are also pleased with every donation received from the citizens of Dreieich.

"The Dreieichhörnchen are a place for play and freedom for children and young people - and for everyone in Dreieich. With us, you can experience good togetherness. We are very pleased that YUKAtel supports our work for children and young people with its get-to-know-you campaign under the motto "Strong together for our clubs" and thank you very much! ", says the board of the Dreieichhörnchen Mr. Dorenkamp.

"The team of the animal shelter Dreieich is very grateful that it is one of the selected associations that may benefit from this great action of the company YUKAtel. We hope for many donations in order to be able to implement further structural measures for our animals," Ms. Heil from the board of Tierheim Dreieich e.V. is pleased to say.

Appreciation for the campaign also comes from the board team of the Förderverein der Behindertenhilfe e.V. "We would like to thank you for your admirable and great campaign "Strong together for our associations". We, the board and the people with disabilities, are delighted beyond measure that you have chosen our association and that we can be part of it. This shows us that our efforts to make the lives of people with a handicap in Dreieich a little more colorful and worth living have aroused your interest, indeed your commitment. This helps to soften any handicap a little, even to make it a little forgotten. And especially in these challenging times for all of us, it is all the more important to give these people a voice as well. Then they will not be overlooked or forgotten. With such an inspiring and great idea, the sense of community in Dreieich remains alive and can grow. Because only together can we all move a lot."

"In keeping with the anniversary edition of the 20th Dreieich Christmas calendar, we are delighted about the planned support from Yukatel GmbH. Especially in these difficult times of the pandemic, the motto "together for our associations" is an action that is unparalleled. From our point of view, this is a great idea by the management of Yukatel, which we also welcome as a new business enterprise and employer in our beautiful Dreieich," emphasises Mr Hartmann from the Dreieicher Weihnachtskalender e.V. All costs of this campaign are borne by YUKAtel GmbH.