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routecontrol is a self-developed GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system for all industries! We offer a telematics solution that, with great attention to detail and many years of experience, provides maximum individuality and increases the profitability and efficiency of your company. With our 360° fleet management you remain flexible at all times - manage your fleet worldwide! It doesn't matter which vehicle types or company sizes are involved - our software offers an uncomplicated and cost-effective application that can be adapted to your needs at any time. The modular system is a practical, maximally flexible solution that is always geared to the needs of the user.

Extensive range of functions

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routecontrol is a 360° complete solution for your fleet. Our customised system provides fleet managers with everything they need to successfully manage their vehicles. In addition to real-time GPS live tracking, routecontrol provides you with many other useful features. Receive detailed reports on routes driven, tax office compliant logbook reports, evaluations of driving and rest times. Route optimisation, order management or remote tacho downloads are also possible with routecontrol. Increase the effectiveness of individual journeys and thus map more efficiency within your company. The efficiency gained will make your company more economical - benefit from routecontrol's fleet management solution.

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GPS live vehicle tracking

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With routecontrol's vehicle tracking, you can monitor where your vehicles are currently located in real time at any time. GPS vehicle tracking provides you with all the information you need. This means that timely decisions can be made and forwarded directly to your drivers. The coordination and optimisation of all processes are thus significantly simplified, productivity increased and costs reduced. The smart vehicle tracking system from works via GPS and is easy to use. In the self-developed web portal, you can manage your fleet with just a few clicks. Here, all vehicles are visually displayed in a map format. Stay flexible with routecontrol and keep an overview of your fleet at all times.

Web Portal and Driver App

In the routecontrol web portal, all data of the entire fleet is viewed and managed. Data is transferred in real time - all data is displayed visually. Thus, the current location and the planned route of each vehicle can be displayed on the map view at any time. In the event of delays, for example, immediate action can be taken.

routecontrol's fleet management app helps you handle organisation and communication in an uncomplicated way. Stay permanently connected with your drivers and react flexibly to unforeseen changes. Know what's going on in your fleet at any time, anywhere in the world.

Advantages of routecontrol at a glance

Saving costs through greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness

GPS live positioning in real time

Tax office compliant logbook reports

Over 100,000 tours daily

Professional, trained support team

Mobile app

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