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Founder and CEO

Yukatel GmbH was founded in 1995 by the current managing director Yusuf Karatas. The company focuses on mobile wholesale and also offers innovative hardware and software solutions in the field of GPS telematics and M2M/IoT with its own brands routecontrol, M2M Unity and NEXTwawi. With the start of the 2021 financial year, Yukatel announced that the previous COO Mehmet Karataş will be promoted to Managing Director of Yukatel GmbH. The company, which is based in Offenbach am Main, will thus be represented by founder and managing director Yusuf Karataş and Mehmet Karataş from 2021.

The company's headquarters

Yukatel GmbH, an internationally operating mobile phone wholesaler and provider of hardware and software solutions in the field of GPS telematics & M2M/IoT, has been based at its current location at Merianstr. 23 in Offenbach am Main for over 20 years. The space at the current location is fully exhausted and so the decision was made, after more than 20 years of loyalty to the location, to realise a new building according to individual needs in Dreieich Sprendlingen. In this way, Yukatel GmbH wants to create a framework to increase the number of employees at the current location in Offenbach from 70 to 100 by the time they move in.

Awards and accolades


In 2018, Yukatel again won the internationally renowned Handelot Award in the category of „Best Partner in Europe“, „Best Dropshipper“ and „Best Distributer“. 2016 wurden wir ebenfalls als Bester Distributor von GSM B2B ausgezeichnet.

A driver of innovation in the area of GPS telematics & M2M/IoT

Merger of the brands - all brands and services of Yukatel GmbH from the areas of IoT, M2M and GPS live positioning, now function under the umbrella brand Yuka.digital. All products and solutions can be found under one name for customers and partners.

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