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You want to equip devices or machines with an IoT data card so that they reliably and securely transmit your data worldwide? With the SIM cards from M2M Allnet, you benefit from perfect network coverage that provides you with all networks without having to make a fixed decision for a network operator. With over 380 roaming partners, you remain flexible and optimally equipped in the daily use of your IoT Internet SIM cards. Device-independent, you can determine the purpose for using the M2M Allnet SIM card yourself. As an application example, IoT data cards are used for machine control and construction surveying (e.g. Trimble or Leica), for monitoring systems, fire alarm systems, photovoltaic systems, electricity meters, GPS systems and much more.

Our SIM cards types

In principle, you can use any SIM card for any device nowadays. The standard SIM cards, which are almost no longer used, all offer the option of cutting out the matching mini-SIM thanks to the corresponding punching. With a template, you can cut a mini-SIM into a micro-SIM, just as you can make a nano-SIM out of a micro-SIM. What to do if the format is too large? Have you been using a cell phone with a standard SIM and are switching to a newer one? Then you need a smaller SIM card size that you can have cut. It is important to be careful not to damage the chip. Punching out is a better option.

The correct SIM card? The right tariff? We advice you!

Internet of Things

Big Data 11

Sie wurden mit dieser Bezeichnung in den letzten Jahren bestimmt häufig konfrontiert, überall ist von „IoT“, und auch „BigData“, die Rede. Doch um was genau geht es hierbei? „IoT“ ist die Abkürzung für den englischen Begriff „Internet of Things“ zu deutsch also „Internet der Dinge“. Damit gemeint ist die Vernetzung verschiedenster Geräte über das Internet, zunehmend auch in Bereichen, in denen bisher kaum über das Internet kommuniziert wurde, wie z.B. bei Haushaltsgeräten, aber auch größere Industrieanlagen.

This is also one of the main goals of this approach: to collect as much data as possible through increasing networking, from which a wide variety of insights can be gained. This ultimately makes it possible to improve individual processes or, when the data is processed in real time, to automatically trigger the necessary processes/actions and thus increase efficiency.

M2M Allnet for all industries


How can M2M communication help in everyday life? In which industries is M2M communication used?

Basically, M2M solutions can simplify processes in any industry and thus increase efficiency.

For sales fleets, for example, scheduled trips can be avoided by transmitting information digitally. In addition, downtime can be prevented.

Business processes are thus simplified and costs saved. This potential for industry, or even society, is unfortunately often underestimated.

Advantages of M2M Allnet tariffs

The most favorable prices with the best service

Professional consulting team

Flexible tariffs - adapted to your needs

Optimized processes - precisely plannable

Fast data connection - 5G/LTE

Digital data exchange in real time

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