Unification of the brands under one umbrella brand

Digitalisation for businesses has long since found its way into our everyday lives. Topics such as M2M, IoT and GPS telematics are increasingly finding their way into our everyday working lives. What does digitalisation mean, which companies have an advantage through digitalisation, or where does one start with digitalisation within a company? Thanks to the brands and products developed in-house in this segment, Yukatel has seen itself as a professional contact for IoT, M2M and telematics solutions for several years.

Yukatrack, Nextwawi, routecontrol and the IoT platform M2M-Unity Portal have been addressing precisely these issues for many years.

IoT connectivity, device management, sensor technology, digital forms, GPS telematics, merchandise management systems and many other tools are an integral part of the product portfolio of Yukatel GmbH.

Yukatel deals with customers from a wide range of industries from the SME sector. These include sectors such as construction, logistics and industry.

The software and IoT solutions are now united under one umbrella brand. Yuka.digital.

All products and services "made in Germany" will continue to be available to customers and partners and will be constantly expanded and further developed. For all questions regarding IoT, M2M connectivity and GPS telematics, the Yuka.digital team will be available in the future.

M2M Unity-Portal

For many years, our customers use the M2M Allnet SIM data cards for the reliable data transmission of information about your global networked fleets, machines and devices. Due to various customer requirements M2M Allnet was developed to be an innovative and Cloud-based IoT Connectivity platform.

routecontrol - GPS Fleet Management

routecontrol offers an in-house developed GPS vehicle tracking & fleet management system for a wide range of industries. We have designed a digital solution for the market that offers maximum flexibility and individuality with attention to detail and many years of experience.

Yukatrack - GPS tracking box

The Yukatrack complete set consists of a small GPS tracking box, a permanently installed SIM card with data flat rate for all of Europe and the YUKAtrack APP. YUKAtrack is suitable for any car, van, truck or camper with an OBD2 slot and is ready to use. Every vehicle built in 2004 or later has such a slot.

NEXTwawi - Merchandise Management System for Mobile Communications

Thanks to our years of experience in the corporate environment and our expertise as a software company, NEXTwawi is the tailor-made solution for the telecommunications trade. In coordination with our customers, we have developed an all-in-one merchandise management system at the highest technical level that controls and optimizes all relevant processes of the telecommunications trade.

M2M Allnet SIM data cards & Tariffs

The Internet of Things often requires a suitable IoT data card for data transfer, which provides the strongest network at all times. The application purpose should not play a role, even if it involves moving objects or devices.

This is easily possible with the SIM cards from M2M Allnet. Our M2M data cards are used in a wide variety of IoT applications for refinement and are used for M2M data transmission. We don't talk about the Internet of Things, we connect it.

Unification of the brands under one umbrella brand

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