ERP system for mobile phone trading

We know what is important

NEXTwawi was designed, optimized and set up for telecommunication trading from the start. All factors were taken into account in order to ensure a fast and smooth process in day-to-day business without having to forego important functionalities.

25 years of experience

Thanks to years of experience in mobile communications wholesale, NEXTwawi is the tailor-made solution for TC retail. In coordination with our customers, we have developed an all-in-one merchandise management system at the highest technical level that controls and optimizes all relevant processes in the TC trade.

Online shop module

The online shop module was designed from scratch for the mobile phone trade. The advantages of B2C and B2B shops were analyzed and merged into an intuitive and quick-to-use online shop system.

Usability and functions

In doing so, we always paid attention to generating a clean, uncomplicated and easy-to-learn user interface. Thus, all relevant information and functions can be called up with just a few clicks.

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