Yukatel and A1 Digital, launch joint partnership into a digitalised future

Through the recently concluded cooperation between Yukatel GmbH and A1 Digital, the Offenbach-based company wants to expand its product portfolio with its YUKA.digital division and strengthen its market position in the field of IoT, security and M2M connectivity.

The new partnership will link products and projects in the future. Both sides will bring together their expertise and experience in mobile, security and IoT.

Since 2013, YUKA.digital has been offering customers a wide range of products and services in the areas of M2M and IoT.  Associated hardware, M2M cards, specially developed IoT platforms and special developments for customer projects are covered by Yukatel GmbH. The partnership with A1 Digital creates an almost perfect symbiosis, from which customers and partners benefit above all.

The common goal of delivering the IoT sector in the best possible way.

 What are the advantages for the customer?

With the M2M-Unity Portal software developed by YUKA.digital and the associated, specially designed features, YUKA.digital solves a turnkey industry solution. This enables the connection of all network operators in one platform and the management of e.g. devices, articles, projects, data, prices and more. Working via several operator portals is no longer necessary and can be done directly via the portal. The visualisation of sensor data and detailed reports can be accessed and viewed at any time via the Unity Portal. The integration of A1 Digital M2M has been completed since November 2021. Customers who already use A1 Digital IoT or would like to use it in the future thus have full access to all portal features.

 - What can your customers expect from the cooperation?

The common goal of both sides to create a link between IoT connectivity and management.

In addition, Yukatel GmbH will increase the security of your customers in the area of IoT security and close or minimise security gaps. Here, A1 Digital is available as an expert to offer optimisations to various industries.