International mobile phone wholesaler

Since over 25 years we focus on distribution and service in the field of consumer electronics from smartphones, tablets up to weareables. Our product range includes a wide portfolio of brands.

IoT Connectivity Cloud & SIM Management

Manage your worldwide data connections with the help of our M2M Unity platform or revolutionize your inventory management with M2M Unity Scan using RFID technology.

M2M Allnet Data Cards & Tariffs

You want to equip devices or machines with an IoT data card so that they reliably and securely transmit your data worldwide? With the SIM cards from M2M Allnet, you benefit from perfect network coverage that provides you with all networks.

GPS vehicle tracking complete set

The YUKAtrack complete set consists of a small GPS tracking box, a permanently installed SIM card with data flat rate for all of Europe and the YUKAtrack APP. YUKAtrack is suitable for all vehicles with a battery or an OBD2 slot and is ready for immediate use.

Real-time tracking & fleet management

Routecontrol manages your vehicle fleet via a central software platform. Optimize and analyze your daily tours and therby lower your monthly operating costs.

ERP system for mobile communications

Our ERP (enterprise-resource-planning) system was designed optimized and set up for the telecommunication trade right from the start. You and your company can benefit from 25 years of our experience in mobile communnications and a functioning software solutions.

About us

Yukatel is an international mobile wholesaler and provider of hardware and software solutions in the field of GPS telematics & M2M / IoT. Our experts guarantee you the best products, prices, services and competent processing. Our mission is to have satisfied dealers, customers, suppliers and employees.

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Benefit from our years of experience as an international mobile communications wholesaler. With 65 employees we look after more than 8000 dealers in different languages. Convince yourself of our products, prices and service.



Our business areas

As an expert in mobile phone wholesale and with over 25 years of market expertise, the name Yukatel stands for high availability of all brands in the mobile sector. Whether smartphones, tablets or wearables, customers benefit from the best prices and easy order processing. Our multilingual sales team is always available to advise you.

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M2M Unity is your partner for IoT connectivity, digitalisation & visualisation. Benefit from our affordable M2M data cards, digital workflows, managed connectivity platform and our hardware. M2M Unity not only digitises your processes, but also visualises your data. Use our modules for your individual application.

Module: Unity Allnet – Unity Portal 

Flexibly scalable


100% Overview

GPS live positioning & route recording

No contract or Subscription necessary

Professional service

GPS vehicle tracking has been part of Yukatel GmbH since 2008. Our telematics and development team already provides a large number of B2B customers with access to professional GPS solutions. Our YUKAtrack complete sets, consisting of a small GPS tracking box, a fixed SIM card with data flat rate for all of Europe and the YUKAtrack APP is a professional and reliable product that sets us apart from our competitors. Try one of our YUKAtrack GPS trackers now with its innovative, smart applications and solutions.

Mit den SIM-Karten von M2M Allnet ist das vernetzen von Geräten oder Maschinen problemlos möglich. Unsere M2M Datenkarten werden in verschiedensten IoT Anwendungen zur Veredelung eingesetzt und für die M2M Datenübertragung verwendet.
„Wir reden nicht über das Internet der Dinge, wir verbinden es“.

Global data access

Flexible Rates

Professional consulting team

With our GPS telematics system routecontrol, we have been serving a wide variety of companies for over 10 years. From live tracking, remote speedometer download to speedometer data archiving of DDD files, routecontrol rounds off the range of services for its users with access to a wide range of reports and fleet evaluations.

Seamless logbook

For every company size

Optimization of rest & service times

GPS telematics system in routecontrol
Routecontrol: GPS vehicle tracking & fleet management
NEXTWawi: The merchandise management system for mobile phone trading
Nextwawi Logo

NEXTwawi was designed, optimized and built for the telecommunications trade from the very beginning. All factors were taken into account to ensure a fast and smooth process in day-to-day business without having to forego important functionalities.

In doing so, attention was always paid to generating a clean, uncomplicated and easy-to-learn user interface. Thus, all relevant information and functions can be accessed with just a few clicks.In doing so, attention was always paid to generating a clean, uncomplicated and easy-to-learn user interface. Thus, all relevant information and functions can be accessed with just a few clicks.

Easy to use


Cloud - Solution


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Mario Balotelli joins Yukatel Adana Demirspor!

Mit Balotellis Entscheidung hat Adana Demirspor zweifellos einen der aufregendsten Transfers seiner Geschichte gemacht. Der italienische Stürmer, der in seiner Karriere sowohl nationale als auch

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